Candidate Attorneys
We are looking for persons who are talented, ambitious, have a good work ethic, are nice and have a positive attitude. In return, you will receive hands-on training at the firm and have the opportunity of a professional work environment that will enable you to fulfil your potential. We understand that our continued growth depends on the quality of our human capital and accordingly seek to recruit, train and retain the best young professionals.

Learning-by-doing and learning-by-listening involve candidates in the finer aspects of a legal practice and through skills transfer and performance review sessions, candidates have the opportunity to learn and advance within the firm.

The firm also forms part of the Phatshoane Henney Group of Associated Law Firms, the largest association of law firms in South Africa. Through the association, our firm benefits from access to a state of the art Knowledge Centre, online training facilities, marketing initiatives and other services. Our clients have access to the group services directory providing access to a broad range of legal services and professionals available within the group. For more information on the Phatshoane Henney Group visit the group website at www.phfirms.co.za.